New and Used Crane Construction Mats

The average crane weighs several tons and may lift many more. When you’re working on sand, in swamps or after a major rain, that crane could end up sinking into the mud. Why waste time digging out machinery and risk damage to expensive equipment and project delays? Your company likely has a need for new and used crane mats for its construction project.

These hardwood mats can support the massive weight of construction equipment, even if the ground is incredibly wet and muddy. Not only do new and used construction mats help protect your project timeline and machinery, they can also protect the environment from damage due to sinking machinery.

Construction Mats When and Where You Need Them

Your company shouldn’t have to worry about hauling around mats to every project or locating a local business that can provide construction mat rental. You need to work with a company that can provide high-quality and fairly priced construction mats anywhere in the United States that your company secures a contract or project.

When you find yourself in need of construction mats for machinery, whether you’re installing a pipeline, building a new home or rebuilding a bridge, Legacy Mats can offer you reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Let Legacy Mats Solve Your Work Site Stability Issues

Legacy Mats can help deliver new and used crane mats anywhere in the United States that your company has a project or contract. We even offer crane mat rental for businesses that don’t often need the support and foundation provided by a construction mat. 

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Our development team has more than 60 years of combined experience with construction and mats. We understand the demands placed on companies in construction, infrastructure, and the oil and gas industries. When you need fast and fairly priced crane mat rental, call or email Legacy Mats for solutions that keep your company working.

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