Heavy duty construction mats

Rainy weather and difficult terrain can slow down or impede projects for companies. Whether you’re installing a bridge, building a pipeline, working on a wind or solar energy installation, or constructing a new facility, you need to be able to move machinery and workers safely across the ground. Heavy dutyconstruction mats can create a stable surface for working and moving machinery and equipment.

Heavy duty construction mats for sale or rental

Not only do hardwood construction mats protect your project timeline and your expensive machinery, they also reduce the risk of damage to the nearby environment. A machine stuck in mud or sand can create major delays and potentially put your workers and expensive equipment at risk. Dependable construction mats can help you complete the project, no matter the location or weather.

Construction Mat Rental Can Help Your Company Adjust to Changes

It only takes a few minutes for the weather to turn from perfect to a construction nightmare. You don’t need delays. You need solutions. Renting construction mats can let you get back to work without investing a lot of capital in an item you’ll only need once.

With more than 60 years of combined experience in the energy, oil and gas industries, the development team at Legacy Mats understands the complex needs of businesses in these fields. We have the knowledge you can rely on and the national reach you need when considering heavy duty construction mat rental.

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Whether you want to buy new construction mats or secure a hardwood construction mat rental, Legacy Mats has solutions for your business. Thanks to partnering with top mills across the country, Legacy Mats can easily deliver heavy duty construction mats wherever you need them, all at direct-from-the-mill pricing.


Don’t let unstable soil or heavy rains delay your project. Legacy Mats can provide your company with the mats you need to complete your project on time. Call or email us today for more information!

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