National Ground Protection Mats Supplier

Welcome to Legacy Mats – Your trusted partner for durable construction ground protection mats. Our high-quality access mats are designed to withstand heavy equipment and harsh weather conditions, ensuring maximum safety for your job site. We offer various sizes and materials, including heavy-duty access, bridge, composite, crane, 3-PLY laminated, CLT mats, and new or used pipeline skids for rent or purchase. Our exceptional customer service and customizable solutions guarantee you’ll find the perfect fit for your project needs. Choose Legacy Mats for superior quality, durability, and unbeatable value.


Legacy Mats is a premier supplier of ground protection access mats dedicated to serving the construction industry across the United States, particularly in the states east of the Rockies. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service positions us as a leading provider. Distinguish your project with the superior quality and eco-friendly commitment of Legacy Mats, a proud women-owned business. Our construction mats are built to last and designed with the environment in mind, ensuring your work leaves a minimal footprint.

Size Approx. Qty Per Full Truckload Approx. Weight per mat
8″x4’x16′ 20 mats 2,300 lbs
8″x4’x18′ 18 mats 2,600 lbs
8″x4’x20′ 16 mats 2,875 lbs
12″x4’x16′ 12 mats 3,835 lbs
12″x4’x20′ 10 mats 4,600 lbs
12″x4’x24′ 8 mats 5,750 lbs
12″x4’x28′ 6 mats 7,666 lbs
12″x4’x30′ 6 mats 8,000 lbs
12″x4’x32′ 6 mats 8,300 lbs
12″x4’x40′ 5 mats 9,200 lbs
Size Approx. Qty Per Full Truckload Approx. Weight Per Mat
12″x4’x16′ 12 crane mats 3,800 lbs
12″x4’x20′ 10 crane mats 4,800 lbs
12″x4’x24′ 8 crane mats 5,750 lbs
12″x4’x28′ 6 crane mats 6,700 lbs
12″x4’x30′ 6 crane mats 7,200 lbs
12″x4’x32′ 6 crane mats 7,700 lbs
12″x4’x36′ 5 crane mats 8,650 lbs
12″x4’x40′ 4 crane mats 9,600 lbs

Other names for these mats (Truck Mats, Access Mats, Swamp Mats, Logging Mats, Waffle Mats)

Size Approx. Qty Per Full Truckload Approx. Weight per mat
8’x14′ 20 mats 1850.00
8×16′ 17 mats 2300.00
Size Approx. Qty Per Full Truckload Approx. Weight per mat
Mega Deck Composite Mats 4.25″x7.5’x14′ 40 mats 1,030 lbs
Dura Base Composite Mats 4.25″x8’x14′ 40 mats 9,00 lbs
Dura Deck Composite Mats .5″x4’x8′ 500 mats 86 lbs
Size Approx. Qty Per Full Truckload Approx. Weight per mat
Hardwood Pipeline Skids (4″x6″x4″) 1148 pcs

Construction Ground Protection Mats For Sale

Legacy Mats is a leading provider of ground protection access mats for the construction industry. We specialize in renting, leasing, and selling new and used construction ground protection mats. Our innovative buyback program makes us a one-stop solution for all your construction ground protection needs. From large construction companies to independent contractors, we cater to anyone involved in a project that requires sturdy, reliable ground protection. If you’re looking to safeguard your site, protect your equipment, and ensure safe and efficient operations, Legacy Mats is your go-to partner.

Construction Access Solutions

At Legacy Mats, we understand that different industries have unique needs for construction mats. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of matting solutions tailored to each industry. Our partnerships with top distributors nationwide ensure that your project has a reliable foundation. From renewable energy to pipeline construction, we’ve got you covered.

Our extensive catalog includes access mats, bridge mats, and composite mats that provide unbeatable support and easy integration for your project’s specific requirements.

For heavy-duty projects, we offer 3-PLY laminated mats (truck mats, access mats, swamp mats, logging mats, or waffle mats) designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy equipment. Alongside our laminated mats, we also provide CLT mats, crane mats, and pipeline skids – all top-quality products that offer maximum protection for your work site.

At Legacy Mats, we’re committed to eco-friendliness, which is why each product is designed for durability and sustainability. Choose us to streamline your construction projects while ensuring you do your part for the environment.