Access Mats

Access Mats, Temporary Road Mats for Construction Equipment.

Protect the investment you have made in your construction equipment and the site you are operating at with our advanced access mats. If you are needing to access a mining site or beside a riverbed, you need access mats capable of supporting the weight of your equipment. These mats provide a steady path to travel along as the work is completed. This product can reduce your operating costs and hasten the completion of the project you are engaged in.

What are Access Mats?

Access mats are portable platforms made from materials such as timber, steel, or composite materials. Commonly used in industries such as construction, oil and gas, power line, renewables, mining, and infrastructure to provide temporary access across difficult terrains. Access mats are designed to support equipment and personnel and protect the environment from any damage caused by heavy machinery. Our top-quality access mats are durable, eco-friendly, and provide superior support for any construction job site. Whether you need composite mats, timber mats, or CLT mats, we have a range of matting solutions to suit your project requirements.

What Are The Benefits of Temporary Road Construction Mats?

Temporary road construction mats, also known as access mats or swamp mats, are essential tools for any construction project. These mats offer several benefits, including faster project timelines, reduced environmental impact, and improved site safety. Using our top-quality access mats on-site speeds up the process of construction, allowing for easy transportation of heavy equipment and providing a stable foundation for workers. Access mats also reduce ground disturbances, soil erosion, and damage to the local ecosystem. At Legacy Mats, we provide innovative, high-quality access mats that meet all your project needs while reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring worker safety.

Why Choose Legacy Mats As Your Access Mats Supplier

When it comes to choosing an access mats supplier, Legacy Mats stands out as the industry leader. We offer a wide range of durable, eco-friendly access mats that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our products, including composite mats, timber mats, and CLT mats, are designed to provide superior support and protection to your construction job site. We pride ourselves on innovative solutions and outstanding customer service, and our nationwide network of distributors ensures hassle-free transportation and logistics. Choose Legacy Mats as your access mats supplier and experience the benefits of top-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Access Mats FAQs

What are access mats?
Access mats, also known as rig mats or swamp mats, are portable platforms designed to provide temporary access and support to equipment and personnel in areas with difficult terrains.
What are the use cases for access mats?
Access mats are commonly used in construction, oil and gas, power line, renewables, mining, and infrastructure projects. They provide safe and stable ground protection and access for workers and equipment to operate on, even in extreme weather conditions and unstable terrain.
What are the benefits of using access mats?
The main benefits of using access mats include improved safety, reduced environmental damage, versatility, and efficiency. With access mats, you can protect surfaces from damage, reduce slip and fall risks, and minimize environmental impact.
What are the different types of access mats available?
There are several types of access mats available, including composite mats, timber mats, steel mats, CLT mats, and more. Each type of mat is designed to meet the unique requirements of particular industries and projects.
How are access mats installed?
Access mats can be installed using various methods, depending on the terrain and type of mat. The most common installation methods include driving, floating, and laying mats end-to-end.
How long can access mats be used for?
The lifespan of access mats depends on various factors such as the terrain, weight of equipment, and frequency of use. With proper maintenance and care, access mats can last for many years.
How do I choose the right access mat for my project?
Choosing the right access mat requires careful consideration of factors such as the weight of equipment, soil stability, and site-specific environmental requirements. It’s essential to consult an experienced matting supplier to determine which mat is best suited for your project.
Can access mats be rented or purchased?
Yes, access mats can be rented or purchased, depending on your specific needs. Renting can be a cost-effective solution for short-term projects, while purchasing is ideal for long-term and frequent use.
What is the cost of access mats?
The cost of access mats varies depending on factors such as the type of mat, size, and quantity. It’s important to consult with a matting supplier to determine the best pricing options for your project.
How are access mats removed from the site?
Access mats can be removed using similar methods as installation, such as lifting and transporting. It’s important to follow proper removal procedures to minimize damage to the site and protect the environment.