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Texas Ground Protection Mats Supplier: Temporary Road Mats

Welcome to Legacy Mats, Texas’s trusted source for Ground Protection Mats designed to meet the unique requirements of the Lone Star State. Our top-tier mats are engineered to withstand the demands of heavy equipment and Texas’s diverse weather conditions, ensuring unparalleled safety for your job sites. Whether you’re in need of heavy-duty access, bridge, composite, crane, 3 ply laminated, CLT mats, or pipeline skids, we’ve got you covered. Available for both rental and purchase, new or used, our products are complemented by exceptional customer service and customized solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for your Texas-based projects. Trust Legacy Mats for unmatched quality, durability, and value right here in Texas.

Why Choose Legacy Mats in Texas?

Elevate your Texas projects with Legacy Mats, a proud women-owned business that combines superior quality with an eco-friendly ethos. Our construction mats, built to withstand the rigors of Texas's diverse landscapes, are designed for longevity while minimizing environmental impact.

Our extensive range includes ground protection access mats, air bridge mats, and composite mats, curated to address the diverse needs of industries operating in Texas. Our 3-PLY laminated mats are particularly popular in the Texas construction sector, known for their resilience against challenging weather and heavy-duty use.

Recognizing the importance of reliability and cost-effectiveness in Texas, we offer top-tier products at competitive prices. Our commitment to eco-friendliness ensures each mat is not only durable but also sustainable.

With customer service that matches the quality of our products and solutions tailored to your specific needs, we ensure every product not only meets but exceeds your expectations. This guarantees the utmost safety for your teams and machinery in Texas.

For superior quality, exceptional value, and service that understands Texas's unique needs, choose Legacy Mats.

Texas Construction Access Mats For Heavy Equipment

In Texas, the construction industry heavily relies on various types of access mats to support heavy equipment operations. These mats provide a stable platform for machinery, ensuring safety and efficiency on construction sites. They are essential in areas with soft ground or environmentally sensitive landscapes, preventing damage and maintaining compliance with regulations. From pipeline construction to general building projects, these mats are indispensable in Texas's diverse terrain. The state's construction sector utilizes a range of mats, including 3 Ply Laminated, CLT, Composite, Crane, Timber, and custom-designed mats, each serving specific needs and applications.

3 Ply Laminated Mats in Texas

Texas's construction sites often use 3 Ply Laminated Mats for their durability and strength. These mats are made by bonding three layers of wood together, creating a solid platform for heavy machinery. Ideal for temporary roads or work platforms, they provide stability in muddy or unstable conditions. Their versatility and reusability make them a cost-effective solution for many projects across Texas.

3Ply Laminated Mats Dimensions

Size Approx. Qty Per Full Truckload Approx. Weight per mat
8'x 14' 20 mats 1850.00 lbs
8x16' 17 mats 2300.00 lbs

CLT Mats in Texas

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Mats are gaining popularity in Texas for their exceptional strength and environmental friendliness. Made from layers of lumber stacked crosswise, these mats distribute weight evenly, making them ideal for heavy construction equipment. Their robust design reduces the impact on the underlying terrain, a crucial factor in Texas's diverse ecosystems.

Composite Mats in Texas

Composite Mats, made from a mixture of materials like plastic and fiberglass, are a modern solution for Texas construction sites. These mats are lightweight, durable, and resistant to rot and corrosion, making them suitable for a variety of terrains and weather conditions. Their interlocking design ensures easy installation and a stable platform for heavy equipment.

Composite Skid Dimensions

Size Approx. Qty Per Full Truckload Approx. Weight per mat
Mega Deck Composite Mats 4.25"x7.5'x14' 40 mats 1,030 lbs
Dura Base Composite Mats 4.25"x8'x14' 40 mats 900 lbs
Dura Deck Composite Mats .5"x4'x8' 500 mats 86 lbs

Crane Mats in Texas

Crane Mats in Texas are essential for providing a stable base for crane operations. Constructed from dense woods like oak, these mats support the heavy weight and pressure of cranes, preventing accidents and ground disturbances. Their robustness and reliability make them a staple in Texas's construction projects, especially in areas with soft or uneven ground.

Crane Mats Dimensions

Size Approx. Qty Per Full Truckload Approx. Weight per mat
12″x4’x16′ 12 crane mats 3,800 lbs
12″x4’x20′ 10 crane mats 4,800 lbs
12″x4’x24′ 8 crane mats 5,750 lbs

Timber Mats in Texas

Timber Mats, traditionally used in Texas, are made from dense hardwood and provide a sturdy platform for heavy equipment. These mats are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas as they minimize soil compaction and prevent erosion. Their natural durability and resistance to wear make them a long-lasting solution for many construction sites.

Timber Skid Dimensions

Size Approx. Qty Per Full Truckload Approx. Weight per mat
8″x4’x16′ 20 mats 2,300 lbs
8″x4’x18′ 18 mats 2,600 lbs
8″x4’x20′ 16 mats 2,875 lbs

Pipeline Skids in Texas

Pipeline Skids are crucial in Texas for pipeline construction and maintenance. These skids provide a stable base for pipes, protecting them from ground moisture and ensuring proper alignment. Made from durable timber, they are designed to withstand the weight and stress of pipeline operations, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Construction Access Solutions In Texas

At Legacy Mats, we understand that different industries have unique needs when it comes to construction mats. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of construction access solutions tailored to each industry. Our partnerships with top distributors nationwide ensure that your project has a reliable foundation. From renewable energy to pipeline construction, we've got you covered.

Our extensive catalog includes access mats, bridge mats, and composite mats that provide unbeatable support and easy integration for your project's specific requirements. For heavy-duty projects, we offer 3-PLY laminated mats (also known as truck mats, access mats, swamp mats, logging mats, or waffle mats) that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy equipment.

Alongside our laminated mats, we also provide CLT mats, crane mats, and pipeline skids - all top quality products that offer maximum protection for your work site. At Legacy Mats, we're committed to eco-friendliness, which is why each product is designed for durability and sustainability. Choose us to streamline your construction projects while also making sure that you're doing your part for the environment.

New and Used Ground Protection Mats For Sale in Texas

Invest in high-quality, durable new mats from Legacy Mats for your Texas projects. Our construction ground protection mats offer:
  • RPremium materials for maximum strength and longevity, perfect for Texas's diverse environments
  • RA wide range of mat sizes and types to suit diverse applications in Texas
  • RCompetitive pricing and excellent customer support for Texas clients
Legacy Mats also offers a selection of used mats, ideal for budget-conscious and eco-friendly projects in Texas. Our used construction access mats ensure:
  • RA thorough inspection and quality assurance, suitable for Texas standards
  • RCost-effective solutions for Texas's budget-conscious projects
  • RReduced environmental impact, aligning with Texas's environmental conservation efforts

Heavy Equipment Mats Rentals in Texas

Legacy Mats offers flexible rental and leasing options for ground protection mats tailored to the unique needs of Texas projects. Discover the benefits of renting or leasing from us in Texas:
  • RCost-effective solutions for Texas's short-term or long-term projects
  • RHigh-quality access mats suitable for various applications across Texas
  • RFlexible terms and competitive pricing for Texas-based projects
Our ground protection rental and lease services in Texas include:
  • RA comprehensive selection of ground protection mats ideal for Texas terrain
  • RExpert consultation to determine the right access mat for your Texas project
  • RDelivery and installation support throughout Texas

Mat Buyback Programs in Texas

Turn your surplus mats into cash in Texas with Legacy Mats' convenient Mat Buyback Program. This program includes:
  • RFair and competitive mat pricing for your used mats in Texas
  • RA hassle-free process with minimal effort required from Texas clients
  • REnvironmentally responsible recycling or repurposing of mats, in line with Texas's environmental policies

Transportation and Logistics in Texas

Legacy Mats provides efficient transportation and logistics services in Texas to ensure timely delivery and installation of your ground protection mats. Our services include:
  • RReliable and punctual delivery to your project site in Texas
  • RExpert assistance with mat installation and removal in Texas
  • RCustomized logistics solutions for complex projects across Texas

Texas Construction Ground Protection Mats FAQs

What types of ground protection mats are available in Texas?
We offer a variety of mats including heavy-duty access, bridge, composite, crane, 3 ply laminated, and CLT mats suitable for diverse Texas terrains.
Can ground protection mats withstand Texas's varied weather conditions?
We offer a variety of mats including heavy-duty access, bridge, composite, crane, 3 ply laminated, and CLT mats suitable for diverse Texas terrains.
Are rental options available for ground protection mats in Texas?
Absolutely! We offer flexible rental options for short-term or long-term projects across Texas.
How do ground protection mats benefit construction sites in Texas?
They provide a stable platform for heavy equipment, minimize environmental impact, and ensure worker safety on Texas construction sites.
Can I purchase used ground protection mats in Texas?
Yes, we offer both new and used mats for purchase, providing cost-effective solutions for projects in Texas.
Are the ground protection mats eco-friendly?
Our mats are designed with sustainability in mind, minimizing environmental impact on Texas's natural landscapes.
Do you offer custom-sized mats for specific project needs in Texas?
Yes, we can provide custom mat solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your Texas project.
How are ground protection mats installed and removed in Texas?
We offer expert installation and removal services, ensuring efficient and safe handling of mats on your Texas site.
What industries commonly use ground protection mats in Texas?
Industries such as construction, utilities, pipeline, and event planning in Texas commonly use our ground protection mats.
Is there a buyback program for ground protection mats in Texas?
Yes, we offer a Mat Buyback Program in Texas, allowing you to sell back your used mats, promoting recycling and cost savings.