heavy duty timber mats

Rainy weather and unstable soil or sand can create major issues for companies in construction, energy and even infrastructure. Whether you’re installing a new municipal bridge, building a pipeline or working on a wind or solar power project, your workers and machinery need a stable foundation to work. Heavy duty timber mats can provide stability when the weather and local environment aren’t cooperating with your project schedule.

Heavy duty oilfield Timber mats Mat rentals

Oilfield timber mats are typically made from hardwood for durability. They can provide a strong foundation for machinery and workers. Hardwood mats can also protect existing pipes, plants and nearby soil from damage or contamination.

Rented or Purchased, Heavy Duty Mats Help Complete Projects

If your company works all over the continental United States, you may not want to haul heavy duty timber mats to each individual work site. Heavy duty timber mat rental could be the ideal solution for your project. Instead of buying and moving this critical stability equipment around, you can pay a fair rate for an oilfield timber mat rental and let someone else handle the delivery logistics. Partnering with top mills across the country has allowed Legacy Mats to provide delivery and rental service for companies just about anywhere they may need mats.

Trust Legacy Mats When You Need Heacy Duty Timber Mats

Legacy Mats can help your company secure heavy duty timber mat rentals when you need them. Our development team has more than 60 years of combined experience. That means we understand the unique demands of working in the energy, oil and infrastructure industries. We can develop cost-effective solutions that can be delivered right to your project site. When you need hardwood mats for pipelines, air bridges or construction, Legacy Mats should be your first choice. Contact us today to find out how we can help you succeed at your next big project.
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