Temporary Road Construction Mats

When you’re working in the energy or oil industries, you may find your company needing to access remote locations to complete a project. Temporary road construction mats can provide safe and simple access to work sites for your crews, supplies and heavy machinery. When you’re installing a pipeline, you may need to move machinery across areas where pipe has already been laid.

After all, moving equipment over laid pipe could cause damage. Of course, moving it completely around the existing pipe could cause serious delays and incur major expenses. Companies often choose to install temporary roads or air bridges across pipelines. Not only do these air bridge mats provide stability for heavy machinery, they protect the existing pipeline and local environment from damage.

Rent or Purchase hardwood temporary road air bridge mats

Depending on how frequently your company performs this kind of work and how many areas it operates in, you may need to either rent or purchase temporary road air bridge mats. Every company has different needs, but you need a solution that is both reliable and affordable.  Legacy Mats has the national delivery reach and experience you can trust when you’re installing a pipeline or engaged in similar construction projects.

Legacy Mats Can Provide Quality Mats Where You Need Them

Some companies that offer temporary road construction mats only operate in one state or region. Thanks to partnerships with excellent mills around the country, we can provide your business with heavy equipment construction mats wherever you need them.

Contact Legacy Mats Today for Quality Temporary Road Mats

Legacy Mats can offer your company air bridges made from 12″ thick timber. Depending on your needs and the project, those timbers may be anywhere from 20 feet to 40 feet long. Our development team has more than 60 years of combined experience. Call or email us today for help developing solutions for your pipeline installation.

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