New and Used Hardwood Swamp Mats

Companies working in wet, swampy areas may find themselves struggling against the weather and the environment. Moving workers, supplies and machinery into locations with wet grounds can be difficult. You don’t want your machinery stuck in the mud, and you don’t want to wait for drier weather. New and used hardwood swamp mats can offer your crew the stable surface they need to get the job done.

Depending on the moisture levels in the ground, however, in some cases laminated wood mats are a better option. Whichever suits your needs, you need a reliable source of mats that prioritizes affordable, fair pricing, quality and timely delivery.

Many Businesses Could Benefit From Mat Rentals

Businesses in a range of industries could find themselves in need of a hardwood swamp mat rental. Don’t let mud and standing water turn a project into a nightmare. The right timber mats for your project can provide a stable foundation for your heavy machinery. 

Many Businesses Could Benefit from Mat Rentals


Swamp mats can benefit all kinds of business and projects, including construction, wind or solar power, bridges near water or wet soils, and oil and gas installations, like wells, offshore projects and pipelines.

You shouldn’t have to waste time trying to find a local company that can provide a laminated swamp mat rental. Legacy Mats can deliver new and used hardwood swamp mats or laminated mats directly to your work site.


Contact Legacy Mats for Help with your Hardwood Swamp Mat Rental

Thanks to partnering with excellent mills across the country, Legacy Mats can deliver new and used laminated swamp mats to any work site where they are needed.


Whether you need to purchase mats for ongoing business or need a hardwood swamp mat rental for a single project, Legacy Mats can help design and deliver the solutions you need for stability, all at direct-from-the-mill prices. Call or email us today for more information and quotes for mat delivery and rental.

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