Air Bridge Mats

Air Bridge Mats

Access to job sites may require moving heavy equipment safely across pipelines or gas lines and there is often a requirement by the owners of those lines to create a bridge over them. We make it much easier for you via our air bridge mats, which are designed to support the weight of your heavy machinery while protecting the underlying pipeline, culvert, or other subterranean material that needs to be bridged.


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About Air Bridges and Mats

The purpose of an air bridge, in many instances, is to span a buried pipeline or gas line since many operators won’t allow heavy equipment to be driven over their lines in construction zones. Air bridges are typically made of 12” thick timbers that vary in length from 20’ long to 40’ long; our typical mat dimension is 4’ X 12” X 20’ to give you ample coverage. We sell and lease air bridge mats used and new to all sorts of industries. Some of the verticals we’ve worked with in the past include:
Construction, Wind and Solar Power, Drill and Well Pad Sites, Bridges, Marine, Transmission, Pipelines, Refinery