Mat Rentals

Construction Mat Rental

Overcome any obstacle you face during the planning or execution of any project by taking advantage of our options for construction mat rental. The team at Legacy Mats understands that every business is unique and has differing needs. Our expansive inventory of options and our relationship with our distributors makes it easy to offer swamp mat rental to businesses when it is in line with your overall goals.

When demand begins to exceed your normal ability to supply, you may not have the resources in place to expand your operation. That is why we offer you options that allow you to capitalize on fleeting opportunities in the market. Our affordable oil field mat rental and digging mat rental options give you the flexibility to expand your operations when the moment arrives.
Take advantage of our timber mat rental when you need an environmentally-responsible option for traversing soggy ground. Protect the surrounding landscape you operate in and the equipment you own with our crane mat rental. We understand the needs of energy extractors and miners, so we are always ready to deploy a dragline mat rental to your site when the need arises.

If you find a new field to drill in and your entire operational infrastructure is tied up in ongoing projects, our team has a solution. Our oil field mat rental program can get you the mats you need without holding you back or costing you a fortune. You can balance your available resources and meet the needs of new clients with a digging mat rental. We are ready to deploy the resources you need, to wherever you are in the country.

Strategic Mat Rental

Even if you traditionally operate in areas outside of swamps, the need may come for a mat that can help you cross marshy locations. Flash flooding and other calamities may strike that require the use of a mat in a special situation. Instead of blowing your budget on a product that you won’t use that often, make the call to our team for more information about our swamp mat rental program.

A Timely Timber Mat Rental

Build a better business by establishing a partnership with our company. Get a timber mat rental that makes it possible to serve more clients at the same time. Tell us what you need out of your crane mats, and let us find an affordable crane mat rental that gets the job done for you. You don’t have to spend a fortune investing in new infrastructure just to address a seasonal uptick in your workload. When you need a dragline mat rental during the peak season, our team is ready to make a difference.