NEW & USED Ground Protection Mats For Sale

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Nothing slows a project down and wastes expensive staffing hours like machinery stuck in mud. Unfortunately, for companies working in the domestic oil industry, there is always a risk of rain or groundwater destabilizing critical equipment. Many companies turn to new and used heavy duty digging mats to support machinery on uneven or unstable terrain.

NEW AND USED HEAVY DUTY DIGGING mats for sale or rental

Given that so many companies in energy have to work in multiple locations, it often makes more sense to rent them than to buy equipment. Thankfully, no matter where your company is operating in the continental United States, Legacy Mats can help arrange a heavy duty digging mat rental to fit your needs.

Support and Delivery of New and Used Oilfield Digging Mats

You shouldn’t have to worry about locating a new company nearby each time your company requires an oilfield digging mat rental. Legacy Mats can offer you incredible customer service from a woman-owned small business, anywhere you need new and used digging mats.

By partnering with excellent mills across the country, we can deliver hardwood digging mats where you need them, all at direct-from-the-mill prices. These mats will help keep your machinery stable and operational, reducing the risk of delays and other issues with your project. Our team can help create the exact solution you need, drawing on more than 60 years of experience across our team of developers.