Heavy duty hardwood crane mats

Construction companies and businesses in the competitive oil and gas industry have to go where the work is. When it comes to machinery and supplies, that mobility can pose a logistics nightmare. Many companies have a limited range for the services and supplies needed by these companies. That’s one reason why Legacy Mats stands out from the competition. We can deliver heavy duty crane mats anywhere clients need them.

Heavy duty construction mats for sale or rental

All too often, companies in need of a heavy duty crane mat rental end up working with mediocre products or an unprofessional company. Legacy Mats, however, partners with mills across the country to ensure prompt delivery of high-quality hardwood crane mats that will ensure your machinery is on solid footing.

Offering a Foundation for a Better Project

Stability matters when you’re working on a major construction project. Whether you’re installing pipelines or drill wells, or building a bridge, Legacy Mats can provide a point of stability for your machinery. Even if you’re only in need of a hardwood crane mat rental, Legacy Mats can support your company as you come to the vital aid of other companies in need of solid foundations for construction projects.

You shouldn’t have to worry about disruption to your schedule or damage to expensive machinery. Dependable, well-made crane mats can help your company protect the environment and machinery when there are issues with heavy rains or flooding that are often possible during your project.

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When your company needs hardwood crane mats for a project, Legacy Mats has you covered. You can trust us to deliver a quality, reliable crane mat on a purchase or rental basis, depending on your needs.

Whether you’re working in a flood plane or near swampland, Legacy Mats has the experience and quality product you can rely on. Contact us today for more details about pricing and local delivery for wherever you’re working.

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